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We are a complete web design company that accomplishes all of your needs. From creative concepts, development & custom website design services, mobile-friendly design, to e-commerce. Whatever you need we can do it! More importantly, is how we do things. 

We believe in treating our clients’ business like our own, which means our service will always reflect this philosophy with personalized attention from start to finish, and beyond. 

If you are looking for a top-rated web design services company, then explore more to learn how we can help launch your web presence. 

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When it comes to running your company or business, you want nothing to slow it down. And that’s where North Star Web Solutions comes in with professional web design services and responsive websites designed for everything from small businesses to large corporations, landing pages, area-specific city pages, and e-commerce services.

Let us create a site perfect for bringing your business or idea into the digital world.

Web Design Services

Professional Web Design Services & Development

You need a custom website that grabs and holds your visitors’ attention. You also need an effective way to tell them about who you are and what your business does. We are a web design agency that listens to you and takes your vision for your project to heart. We’re not just content creators; we are visual storytellers. We can help bring your vision to life with dynamic layouts using responsive web design and beautiful typography.

For proper web design, we use industry-leading software like WordPress Websites or Google’s Bootstrap in every project laid out over our modern grid-based frameworks designed to bring responsive web design to any screen and most especially mobile devices.

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Professional Website Design - North Star Web Solutions
Responsive Web Design - North Star Web Solutions

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design is a method of designing websites to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

A website is said to be “responsive” when it automatically adapts its layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids and layouts, images, and text that automatically resize, etc.

Responsive design is achieved by using CSS3’s flexible box model to create responsive mechanisms. Without responsive design techniques, websites are not optimized for viewing on small devices. To be responsive, content should adapt to different screen sizes as the device is resized.

As a trusted website design company, our design and development team ensures you have a mobile-friendly website by testing each web page in a multitude of environments to ensure fast load and that the page shows properly to your website visitors.

Website Speed Improvements

Google’s core web vitals started as a guideline to website performance and now are integrated as search engine optimization ranking factors.

Slow scores for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Time To First Byte (TBT), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) can all affect how your website ranks in major search engines and bad scores could signal as a negative ranking factor in your search engine optimization efforts with search engines such as Google. 

Not to mention that if your page doesn’t load quickly enough for your site visitors, they could possibly go back to find another website negatively affecting your bounce rate and costing you a potential customer. That is why responsive design and mobile site design are more important than ever.

Test your website here at GTMetrix, and if you don’t score well, give our development team a call so we can look at your current site and determine the best course to get you up to speed whether it’s a result of your current hosting platform or faulty web design.

Website Enhancements - North Star Web Solutions
Geo-specific & City Web Page Design - North Star Web Solutions

Geo-specific & City Page Design Services

We understand that a company’s visibility in a web search does not simply begin and end at the main page of a website.

We also create city pages & geo-specific pages to correspond with all areas in which you have an office, product, or service to provide. 

Webpages with unique geolocation and area-specific data are an absolute must to assist web searchers in finding your local business, product, or service.

Website Blog & Content Creation Service

We write posts so you don’t have to! We help businesses reach their audience through blog and content marketing. 

We take your company’s message, vision, and mission to create well-written articles that discuss the topic you’re passionate about in an engaging way for your target audience. 

Our fast turnaround time can save you money by hiring us instead of using another in-house writer to post weekly blog posts.

Blog & Content Creation Services by North Star Web Solutions
Website Enhancements - North Star Web Solutions

Website Enhancements

The goal is to give your site the best possible chance of success.

It may not be necessary for a complete overhaul, but some sites just need updates and fine-tuning in order to maintain their position as market leaders or in search engine optimization or competitors on search engines like Google.

Sometimes websites need only minor visual improvements or updates to keep their content fresh and relevant.

E-Commerce Solutions

We provide custom e-commerce design services that will give your business a fresh new look and allow you to sell your goods & products on the internet 24/7.

We believe the first impression is the most important step in selling your product or service.

We offer all of the top-notch features one would expect from a leading website design company while keeping prices affordable.

E-Commerce Website Design - North Star Web Solutions
Content Management System Integration

Content Management System Integration For Websites

Without appropriate web design, your online store or ecommerce business would be unable to process any transactions.

Our responsive web design allows for integration and workflow management with many Content Management System (CMS) tools so you will never lose sales opportunities due to system miscommunications.

Custom Web Design Services

Custom web design is the process of building custom websites, based on your specific needs and desires. Custom web design services consist of the creation of a website from beginning to end.

Custom sites are built with specific goals in mind and can be created for a variety of purposes. Custom web design gives customers the chance to have full control over how their site functions. It is often needed when businesses need very specialized functionality or heavy back-end administrative work.

Custom web design is also sometimes required when an off-the-shelf site, such as Drupal or WordPress, requires deep customization to fit your needs and/or when you want a custom look and feel. It can also be the best option for companies that need an integrated solution incorporating various technologies into their website.

Website Metrix - North Star Web Solutions

The Advantages of Responsive Web Design in a Competitive Market

There are a multitude of screen sizes across devices whether desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. As a result, it is imperative that your website’s layout be able to adjust to any screen size and show correctly.

You can ensure that your website meets customer demands and the capabilities of the devices they are using with responsive website design.

Here are a few more reasons why our web design services are worth exploring:

Increase Search Engine Position

Site speed, user-friendliness, and web content are recognized by search engines as indications of a web site's worth and reflect that in search rankings. SEO-optimized sites with a responsive design are more likely to appear in search results. When using our responsive web design services, we ensure that your site follows search engine standards while still obtaining top usability scores for each of your web pages.

Scalability And Reduce Future Maintenance Needs

Responsive website design simply requires one version of your website that is optimized for all devices. It eliminates the cumbersome process of developing for various platforms and simplifies site development and administration. More significantly, it ensures a positive first impression and it is proven that a mobile responsive web page design lowers the cost of future web development and maintenance needs.

More Visitors Equals More Customers

The majority of people nowadays use their phones to shop and conduct research on products. This group represents more than 50% of internet traffic. Our web design firm activates trust signals on your site and improves it for mobile and browser compatibility in order to turn it into a lead-generating machine.

Convert Searches In To Customers

Investing in conversion-oriented website design services is an inexpensive method to expand your online presence and digital marketing goals. A well-optimized website attracts the appropriate people and receives more online exposure. Our web design company strives to get your business or ecommerce solutions seen by the right people no matter what device or browser they might be using.

Expand Your Internet Reach

The internet has become increasingly mobile, and mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop as the preferred option for internet users. According to recent statistics, 70 percent of all digital media time in the United States is spent on smartphones. Investing in responsive web design services to get a mobile compatible website that offers a perfect online experience to all visitors.

Boost Sales Conversions

Every day, the internet becomes more accessible to all types of users, worldwide. There are global online stores that have benefited from responsive web design services to their advantage and have seen positive outcomes because of responsive website design. When it comes to your business, search engine friendly web design should be a priority for your business to succeed in the growing world of online sales. Proper web development not only directs your visitors towards the sales funnel but also enhances your social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising efforts.

Optimize The User Experience

According to a 2015 survey conducted by Google, an online store's mobile shopping capability is essential in determining which brand to select. Having a proper mobile UX (user experience) design is vital to online success. Our web design services are designed to provide your page visitors with a pleasant and engaging experience.

Company Branding

When user experience is improved, it results in a higher online reputation and brand image. Just under 70% percent of customers give businesses a more positive viewpoint when given a fluid mobile experience. You won't have to worry about the readability or usability of your website with our responsive web page design. Our website design services help you establish a respectable online presence, boost your SEO efforts and help increase search engine traffic.

Lead Management

Your responsive website should always include the ability to retain and track user data for continued growth and marketing. With proper web design including tracking capabilities and integrations, we can provide your business with information on where customers are coming from, what products are trending, or if there are any seasonal fluctuations.

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