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We can accomplish all of your web needs. From creative concepts, website design & development, to e-commerce. Whatever you need we can do it! More importantly is how we do things. We believe in treating our clients’ business like our own, which means our service will always reflect this philosophy with personalized attention from start to finish, and beyond. If you are looking for a top rated website design services company, then explore more to learn how we can help launch your web presence. 

Helping Businesses build, grow, & improve performance through Our website design services

When it comes to running your company or business, you want nothing to slow it down. And that’s where North Star Web Solutions comes in with professional websites designed for everything from small businesses to large corporations, landing pages, area-specific city pages, and e-commerce services. Let us create a site perfect for bringing your business or idea into the digital world.

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Website Design & Development

You need a website that grabs and holds your visitors’ attention. You also need a effective way to tell them about who you are and what your business does. We listen to you and take your vision for your project to heart. We’re not just content creators; we are visual storytellers. We can help bring your vision to life with dynamic layouts and beautiful typography. We use industry-leading software like WordPress or Google’s Bootstrap in every project laid out over our modern grid-based frameworks designed to be responsive to any screen. Click the more details button to see more information about how our website design services can improve your web presence.

Website Speed Improvements

Google’s core web vitals started as a guideline to website performance and now are integrated as SEO ranking factors.

Slow scores for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Time To First Byte (TBT), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) can all affect how your website ranks in major search engines. 

Test your website here at GTMetrix, and if you don’t score well, give us a call so we can look at your current site and determine the best course to get you up to speed.

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Geo-specific & City Web Page Design - North Star Web Solutions

Geo-specific & City Page Design

North Star Web Solutions recognizes that a company’s visibility in a web search does not merely start and end at the website.

We also create city pages & geo-specific pages to correspond with all areas in which you have an office, product, or service to provide. 

Webpages with unique geolocation and area-specific data are an absolute must to assist web searchers in finding your local business, product, or service.

Blog & Content Creation

We write posts so you don’t have to! We help businesses reach their audience through blog and content marketing. We take your company’s message, vision, and mission to create well-written articles that discuss the topic you’re passionate about in an engaging way for your target audience. 

Our fast turnaround time can save you money by hiring us instead of using another in-house writer to post weekly blog posts.

Blog & Content Creation Services by North Star Web Solutions
Website Enhancements - North Star Web Solutions

Website Enhancements

The goal is to give your site the best possible chance of success.

It may not be necessary for a complete overhaul, but some sites just need updates and fine-tuning in order to maintain their position as market leaders or competitors on search engines like Google.

Sometimes websites need only minor visual improvements or updates to keep their content fresh and relevant.

E-Commerce Solutions

We provide custom e-commerce design services that will give your business a fresh new look and allow you to sell your goods & products on the internet 24/7.

We believe the first impression is the most important step in selling your product or service.

We offer all of the first-class features one would expect from a top-notch website design company while keeping prices affordable.

E-Commerce Website Design - North Star Web Solutions

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